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Star Wars: Darkened Ice Ch. 30
Millions of lightyears away...
(Jakku's Orbit)
For the next several minutes, it felt as if the battle with that destroyer was never going to end.
Of course, most soldiers who lived long enough would note that kind of feeling was present throughout the grand majority of battles that the Rebellion had taken part in and no one could exactly deny that. However, they also seemed to have forgotten that, for what it was worth, there was a period following that fateful battle on the forest moon where the Empire went from nearly impossible to deal with to being a tempered challenge that was marred by the effects of a conflicted leadership, meaning that simply planning ahead and preparing for the sporadic bursts of blaster fire and cases where the organization was clearly wasting resources became more than enough to take on the fractured regime.
There was a period where tense battle situations, despite still existing, were nowhere near as difficult to navigate and battle through. O
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Star Wars: Darkened Ice Ch. 29
(Imperial Capital)
"I have a bad feeling about this." Lubbock said after a moment's contemplation of the path ahead. Usually in situations like this, whoever would be paired with him would simply shake their head and let him know that everything was going to be just fine and that all their years of training has prepared them for moments exactly like the one he's worrying about.
However, with the way these events were progressing, signaled by faint inhuman screeches and vague shapes hovering high in the sky. Keeping composure became a challenge far beyond facing even an army of Danger Beasts. With that said? His partner, Mine knew deep down she had to try.
"Don't center on your anxiety." Mine began, wiping sweat from her brow. "After all, if the boss knew we would be in grave danger doing this? She would've kept us back at the base." Lubbock simply scoffed.
"If we were back in simpler times where all we had to worry about was the Empire, Danger Beasts and whore peddlers? The idea
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Mature content
Star Wars: Darkened Ice Ch. 28 :iconaspiringcreator:AspiringCreator 0 0


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ToP Inspired Saiyans for Brawl (Read Desc.)
Hello everyone! If you are already followers of mine then thanks once again for checking this out and I hope you like this experiment. If you are new here then also welcome to my page and I hope you enjoy what I have provided for my first real upload to BrawlVault which consists of edits to Calikingz01's Goku (More specifically the shirtless RF Goku made by NickirixXT) and Mariodk's Vegeta that are based on the Tournament of Power, the subject of the final saga of Super. Now by edits I do mean that since as you can see? These aren't the most accurate to the show but I did the best I could with the abilities I have with the first being that I used a color picker tool on images of both UI Goku and BSSB Vegeta to make sure they matched the show as best as they could with me using an addon that could turn certain images black and white so that the color showed through the best and also because I am a stickler for that sort of thing which is why Vegeta's hair on his BSSB form is not an extremely dark blue like some fanart and customs depict. With that said? Both went through one moment of fairly tricky detail work and for Goku that involved his body and... basically all the linework. What I did here was pick out certain dark colors from the images of Ultra Instinct's form and painstakingly over another layer drew them over the original dark outlines, trying as best as I could to match them. The reason for this was to differentiate Goku a bit more from other Ultra Instinct texture edits.

I also added some dark red scratches to give some semblance of Ultra Instinct's battle damage. I didn't go too far since I am not the best of artists when it comes to textures but I do encourage people to add more to it. I also went the extra mile of recoloring his pants, boots and more with colors picked off of an image of UI Goku to complete the look and how this is inspired by the ToP and not necessarily meant to be exactly those looks. When it comes to Vegeta, things were a little tricky when it came to the face portion. To make sure everything matched as best as it could, I made multiple duplicate layers of the face with almost every one of them having a small part erased in some manner so that once I started recoloring, nothing would bleed over onto pieces I didn't want them to and on the rare occasion they did? I simply picked out the skin color, turned my brush's hardness down to zero and merged it as best as I could, stopping only to pick out a darker shade every now and again which resulted in the look I have. As for why Vegeta is not battle damaged? It was a mixture of admittedly laziness for BSSB and me thinking that adding catscratches on Vegeta before then proceeding to try and add tears on the suit would've been a bit of a nightmare for what is supposed to be my first release so I kept it simple. Oh and for those wondering, I did not edit SS4 since there were no forms I felt that could match. Also, because this is supposed to be Vegeta at the peak of his power? You could say SS4 fits too well within that idea to change it.

Finally, for what you'll find in this pack you have the characters in folders that have been marked with both a .pcs AND .pac file that have been labelled and in one folder you have BPs as well as CSPs in different resolutions. My reasoning for this is that in case someone for whatever reason is having troubles with filesize but they still want a CSP so that they know what costume they're choosing? They can use one of the lower res ones and it should work just fine. Also even though I am using Brawlbox photos, I can happily confirm through one of my many playsessions that these work on the Wii.

With all that said, I hope once you click that download button that you'll have a blast with this mod and that you'll have a great day/night/whenever you've decided to download/redownload this. Also please do check out the original creators of these mods and see their fantastic work.


#animation #anime #animemanga #ball #dbgt #dbz #digitalart #digitalartwork #digitaldrawing #digitalfanart #dragonball #dragonballgt #edit #experiment #futuro #god #gogeta #gohan #goku #gokuson #gokussj #gokuvegeta #imageedit #japon #majinbuu #manga #mangaanime #media #pages #piccolo #piccoro #saiyajin #ssj #ssj3 #super #traced #tracing #vegitto #gokudragonball #monaka #gokussj4 #zamasu #veyito #bardockssj #gohandragonball #gohandragonballz #gohansupersaiyan #vegetassj2 #gokudragonballz #goldenfreezer #supersaiyangod #blackgoku #show #de #fukkatsunof #revivaloffrieza #dragonballzfukkatsunof #fukkatsu_no_f #resurrectionoffreezer #billsgodofdestruction #resurrectionoff #gokussgss #vegetassgss #saiyajin_super
#af #ball #blue #breaker #db #dbgt #dbz #dragon #dragonball #dragonballaf #dragonballgt #dragonballz #god #goku #gokuson #grand #gt #instinct #limit #saiyan #songoku #ssg #st #super #supersaiyan4 #supersaiyan5 #tour #ultra #dbkai #dragon_ball_z #dragon_ball_gt #ssgss #limitbreaker #dragonballkai #dbzkai #dragonballzkai #supersaiyangod #dragon_ball_af #super_saiyan_god #ssggoku #4 #5 #z #dragon_ball_z_kai #supersaiyangodsupersaiyan #DragonBallSuper #dbsuper #dragon_ball_super #supersaiyangodsupersaiyan4 #super_saiyan_god_goku #super_saiyan_god_super_saiyan_goku #supersaiyanblue #supersaiyanblue4 #limit_breaker #ultrainstinct #ultra_instinct #ultrainstinctform #dragonballst #supersaiyangodsupersaiyan5 #supersaiyanblue5 #supersaiyangodsupersaiyan4ultrainstinct #supersaiyangodsupersaiyan5ultrainstinct #supersaiyanblue4ultrainstinct #supersaiyanblue5ultrainstinct #db #dbaf #dbgt #dbz #dbzdbz #dbzdragonball #dbzdragonballz #dbzgt #demotivational #dragon_ball #dragonball #dragonballaf #dragonballz #dragonballzgt #dragonballzgtkai #gohan #gohanson #mysticgohan #songohan #dbzdbgt #demotivationalposter #dragonballdragonballz #dragonballzdbz #dbkai #dbzaf #dragon_ball_z #dragonballdragonball #dbzdragonballdragonball #dragon_ball_gt #dragonballzdragonball #gohandragonball #dragonballkai #gohandragonballz #dbzdb #dbzgtaf #dbzkai #dragonballzkai #dragonballabsalon #dbzdbgtdbaf #dbabsalon #dragon_ball_af #dragonballzgtaf #gohanmystic #dragonballzaf #dbzgtkai #dragon_ball_kai #dragon_ball_z_kai #DragonBallSuper #dbzsuper #dbsuper #dragon_ball_super #dragonball_super #dragonballsuper2015 #dbsuper2015 #dragon_ball_absalon #dbzabsalon #dragonballzabsalon #dragonballafabsalon #dbafabsalon #demotivationalposters

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Experiment: Fixing Omni God (Read Desc.)
(Edit: Although this is fruitless, I'd like to emphasize that comments telling me these tattoos are limiters do not, I repeat, DO NOT automatically make this ridiculous detail better. I've been well aware of what they actually are for a long time and it really doesn't help me get this design decision one bit and I still believe them to be shit. It looks like Goku managed to somehow eat and gain the powers of J.J. Abrams lensflares and TRON.)

To be fair, a more fitting title for this would be "How to use glow effects to actually make a form LOOK badass." since I know no matter what I do for some people this form is going to look like ass but the title is too long and really the same problem is present. Speaking of which, if you disagree with me on this? More power to you my friend, so long as you remain peaceful and react maturely about your disagreement. With that said, I think it's no secret from my previous posts that I like fanmade transformations but I can't stand the Omni God form created for Goku vs Saitama and Anime War and to go over a quick rundown on why that is? I personally think it's a good transformation that was marred by ridiculous design decisions that were made with all the wrong parts of the rule of cool in mind such as those obnoxious pulsing red markings and glow effects that do nothing but make the hair damn near invisible when paired with the blue flame aura which is usually drawn like how you'd expect a blue energy blast to look, meaning it's filled with white and thus while regular SSBs won't have their hair blend in? This will which is again, thanks to poor planning in terms of the glow effects. This is something that bugs me to no end as an amateur image editor since as I've come to learn more and more about the various plug-ins on, I've seen a lot of what works and what doesn't through experimentation with the tool I've messed with the most being the glow effect which I used on things like my SSB Kaioken x20 trace in order to give it a proper hazy effect and in the cases of some of my new stuff for Lil Soniq it's often to give it just an extra hint of flair that isn't overbearing and won't hide details and really? That's the best way to use glow effects. They're a small enhancement that if used correctly can give images a really cool look especially when used in conjunction with other effects and are done in a subtle manner.

What MaSTAR does when he's not using them for lightning and maybe Ki is putting them on parts that absolutely don't need it. For example, if you look at my deviation "Princess of the Gods is Noticed" and take a look at the second frame of Trunks that was taken from Anime War? You will notice that glow effects are applied to parts of the hair, the eyebrows as well as the completely blank eyes and want to know what that results in due to the glow effects being too strong and too prominent? Nothing big really except for the eyes and eyebrows BLEEDING into each other which clearly is not the intended effect which results in it looking very odd and even then, in the parts where there is no color-bleeding? It just comes off as being incredibly cheap and a poor use of glow effects all for the sole purpose of making people think the content is more visually interesting than it actually is. Another example is this image of Superman One Million where he decided to say "Fuck it." and made the cape glow... like a lightsaber and somehow, this is meant to be cool.

 Anyways, I first started out this project by doing this deviation where I simply drew over the image of Omni God from the thumbnail of Anime War Episode 1 in an attempt to get rid of those markings and while the attempt was successful there really was nothing I could do about the glow effects. Then when I got a close-up shot of Omni God during my review of Goku vs Saitama, I decided to completely retrace it and get rid of the glow and while it looked a lot better? I always felt something was missing and it was during a conversation with :iconthunderstudent: I expressed that with how this is meant to be an unstable form and that one moment had it with orange lightning, I thought it would be nice with a proper unstable orange aura and considering I know how glow effects function and have gotten pretty good at editing images, I thought it was time to take a crack at that and show off once and for all how this form, in my opinion, could've looked and wound up as being far better than it was and what I'm showing you here is a comparison of the three images with the one in orange being the finished version which I want you to picture with decent animation and proper motion for an unstable aura like that. I used blurs and glows to my advantage along with some elements I scrounged from an image search and really even if it still looks silly to you, look at this and compare it to the first Omni God image as well as the one where his hair is just blending into the blue aura and just think about it.

With all that said, I think I'm finally done with making all these fixes to Omni God. Next time I do fixes, I'm probably going to do it with Super Namekian God Piccolo because Vegeta is literally the same deal as this. Anyways, I hope you like what I did and that you'll leave your thoughts in the comment section below.</b>
Diosa Jerez Big by dicasty1
Damn, leave it to Dicasty to not only keep evolving at his craft at making THICC art but to also improve just as an artist in general. From the subtle bits of shading to the little glows, this is pretty awesome.
Beyond SSGSS Goku Trace Render And Linework
Alrighty so this took quite a long time to finish. As the name suggests this is supposed to be Goku after he has reached the stage Beyond Super Saiyan Blue or as Dragon Ball Heroes has now called it, SSGSS Evolution which is the form Vegeta took during the Tournament of Power that many people kind of thought was him mixing Ultra Instinct with SSB but there's obviously one big difference and that is I based this trace on a render of Super Saiyan 2 Goku. There are a few reasons for this with the first being that surprisingly? There isn't any art really depicting Goku in this state and while it would be pretty easy to just take an image of Super Saiyan 1 and give it the darker colors? For the sake of making things more interesting and after taking inspiration from the name that I'd use Goku's SS2 hair to better show that he has gone beyond SSB.

And really if you don't mind me expressing my own thoughts here? I feel like this is more how Vegeta's Super Saiyan God should've looked as in if they had actually gone with the idea that many fans had with Vegeta's Super Saiyan God form having its own color? This style is what I would've loved to have seen because I think this shade of blue really pops and while I like Super Saiyan Blue as it is now due to the additional explanations and other details? To me it was always such a missed opportunity and one of the few times where I feel the subversion of expectation didn't quite work out but then again, I think part of the problem was just how Resurrection F was constructed but regardless, I am happy Vegeta got this since it really was nice to see them give him his own unique transformation instead of making it to where he has to get the same form as Goku though an Ultra Instinct Vegeta would've been cool.

With that said? I hope you all like this little image. I decided to include the linework for this mostly so that people like :iconshad73: can get some good drawing practice in.

#animation #anime #animemanga #ball #dbgt #dbz #digitalart #digitalartwork #digitaldrawing #digitalfanart #dragonball #dragonballgt #edit #experiment #futuro #god #gogeta #gohan #goku #gokuson #gokussj #gokuvegeta #imageedit #japon #majinbuu #manga #mangaanime #media #pages #piccolo #piccoro #saiyajin #ssj #ssj3 #super #traced #tracing #vegitto #gokudragonball #monaka #gokussj4 #zamasu #veyito #bardockssj #gohandragonball #gohandragonballz #gohansupersaiyan #vegetassj2 #gokudragonballz #goldenfreezer #supersaiyangod #blackgoku #show #de #fukkatsunof #revivaloffrieza #dragonballzfukkatsunof #fukkatsu_no_f #resurrectionoffreezer #billsgodofdestruction #resurrectionoff #gokussgss #vegetassgss #saiyajin_super
#af #ball #blue #breaker #db #dbgt #dbz #dragon #dragonball #dragonballaf #dragonballgt #dragonballz #god #goku #gokuson #grand #gt #instinct #limit #saiyan #songoku #ssg #st #super #supersaiyan4 #supersaiyan5 #tour #ultra #dbkai #dragon_ball_z #dragon_ball_gt #ssgss #limitbreaker #dragonballkai #dbzkai #dragonballzkai #supersaiyangod #dragon_ball_af #super_saiyan_god #ssggoku #4 #5 #z #dragon_ball_z_kai #supersaiyangodsupersaiyan #DragonBallSuper #dbsuper #dragon_ball_super #supersaiyangodsupersaiyan4 #super_saiyan_god_goku #super_saiyan_god_super_saiyan_goku #supersaiyanblue #supersaiyanblue4 #limit_breaker #ultrainstinct #ultra_instinct #ultrainstinctform #dragonballst #supersaiyangodsupersaiyan5 #supersaiyanblue5 #supersaiyangodsupersaiyan4ultrainstinct #supersaiyangodsupersaiyan5ultrainstinct #supersaiyanblue4ultrainstinct #supersaiyanblue5ultrainstinct #db #dbaf #dbgt #dbz #dbzdbz #dbzdragonball #dbzdragonballz #dbzgt #demotivational #dragon_ball #dragonball #dragonballaf #dragonballz #dragonballzgt #dragonballzgtkai #gohan #gohanson #mysticgohan #songohan #dbzdbgt #demotivationalposter #dragonballdragonballz #dragonballzdbz #dbkai #dbzaf #dragon_ball_z #dragonballdragonball #dbzdragonballdragonball #dragon_ball_gt #dragonballzdragonball #gohandragonball #dragonballkai #gohandragonballz #dbzdb #dbzgtaf #dbzkai #dragonballzkai #dragonballabsalon #dbzdbgtdbaf #dbabsalon #dragon_ball_af #dragonballzgtaf #gohanmystic #dragonballzaf #dbzgtkai #dragon_ball_kai #dragon_ball_z_kai #DragonBallSuper #dbzsuper #dbsuper #dragon_ball_super #dragonball_super #dragonballsuper2015 #dbsuper2015 #dragon_ball_absalon #dbzabsalon #dragonballzabsalon #dragonballafabsalon #dbafabsalon #demotivationalposters

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PC Principal (Jiren and El Hermano)
Finally after a lot of problems on my end coming from this stupid CSRF error, we now have the companion piece to Ultra Instinct Cartman and really, there was no one better than PC Principal who as you can see is clearly decked out to fight in the name of social justice and put down the evil of microaggressors all across the globe. Now like Cartman, this is based on an image I found of him that I drew over though unlike Cartman, I decided to deck him out in the Pride Trooper gear with one difference being the boots where I decided to add some of the details from his actual shoes onto it since I feel that helps to distinguish his outfit from the normal uniform and it just makes it feel more personal. With that said you may have noticed that similarly to how I made Cartman both in Ultra Instinct Sign and Mastered variants, I put down "Jiren and El Hermano" and for those who don't know about this El Hermano? Basically he's a big joke made at the expense of fans who use a great deal of clickbait in the thumbnails for videos while also creating some of the most wild theories out there such as Super Saiyan White Gohan or Gohan Blanco as he's known as and it basically has spun off into the realms of the ridiculous and since PC Principal does wear a blue shirt? I kind of felt it would be a neat variant to make and it's mostly because jokes aside? I really dig the blue color for the Pride Trooper uniform.

 #south #park #kyle #kenny #stan #cartman #sp #craig #marsh #eric #ericcartman #kennymccormick #kylebroflovski #southpark #stanmarsh #tweektweak #southpark #southparkcartman #ericcartman #crossover #animecrossover #crossoverxover #xover #animecrossover #wtf #bizarre #fun #justforfun #comedycentral #Comedy_Central #comedy_central #South_Park #south_park #south_park_fanart #southparkstan #southparkkyle #eric_cartman #dragonballsuper #ultrainstinct #ultrainstinctmastered #ultrainstinctwhite #blanco #masteredultrainstinct #ultra_instinct #migattenogokui #migatte_no_gokui #migattenogokuimastered #pcprincipal #microaggressions #southparkthefracturedbutwhole #thefracturedbutwhole #thefracturedbutwholefanart #sjw #ssjwhite

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Earlier yesterday, I took a trip down to my local McDonald's for mainly two reasons with one being very standard if you are ever considering McDonald's and the second being a bit silly but if you've been on the internet? It's understandable. The first was just that I was hungry and didn't feel like doing too much so I went and got a quick lunch but as for the second? It was because today, the strangely illusive Szechuan Sauce was finally brought back and in way higher quantities than back in October and considering my taste in food had been expanding and I was really looking forward to this? I was wanting a taste. As soon as I got my nuggets, I went home, peeled back the packet, tried it and what did I think?

It was pretty good. Not the greatest thing ever and certainly not something worth all this hype but still it was good and I honestly think it should become a permanent menu option and I've seen others agree. However, there are a good bunch of people on who do have the opposite opinion and some that are more drastic, saying the sauce is just awful and not worth the hype. We'll get into what this has to do with the title with this next story. It should be no surprise I picked up Dragon Ball FighterZ and am loving it thanks to one of my status updates. I picked it up in January and have been loving it ever since. However one day I ended up receiving a comment by :icon09099aazz: about their opinions of the game which were incredibly negative.

Screenshot-2018-2-26 BL2 The Game We Didn't Get (R by AspiringCreator

Obviously, I disagreed with this and felt the post was incredibly inaccurate about the game so we had a discussion and at the end, that was when the subject of hype came up for I explained I just wanted a good Dragon Ball game and that looking at it, it was also fanbase seemed to want also and they then explained that the opposite happened for them and later on explained that happened with Xenoverse and how that game wasn't what they wanted it to be which led to the idea for this journal since afterwards I started thinking about things like the reaction to the new Star Wars films, Dragon Ball Super and more.

Now let's get this out of the way, it's perfectly okay to be hyped for something. After all, excitement and interest in a product is completely normal and in some ways it's going to be impossible to stop especially if you happen to have a special connection with that franchise. For example, if you're someone who has grown up with Dragon Ball then something like Super is probably going to be viewed differently than someone who is maybe just coming in with more tempered expectations. For you, it's the kind of event you dreamed about. It's a new Dragon Ball series and while yes it's not being set in the time period you want? It's still a production you ultimately would want to see and for some people? That's when their imagination sparks. They start thinking up what they think the show's going to be like, dreaming about the day it premieres, making fanart or they'll think that it will be the ultimate savior of programming. Then that day comes and you're sitting down ready to be blown away... and instead the episode you get is not what you're expecting. Instead of jumping right into the action, it instead decides to go for a small plot about Goten and Trunks wanting to get Gohan and Videl a wedding gift and the reaction turns from excitement to disappointment and for some people they may even be pissed off, declaring Super is the worst thing to have ever happened to the franchise even though it's just one episode and that continues through many of the episodes that follows and for some people? That has resulted in episodes like 5 becoming the ultimate sign that Dragon Ball has crumbled. Right then and there pictures of what can really be amounted to poor in-between frames are shared not just for humor but to say that this is how the series has been killed by the studio.

And to tie it back into my beginning spiel about the Szechuan Sauce? This is also what can happen when someone builds up something so much to another person in an attempt to get them to check out something. To give an example, imagine you're someone who's a fan of Star Wars and you're trying to get a friend whose tastes you have a good idea about into the franchise but instead of simply saying "You should check this out, I think you'll have a good time."? You instead say something like "Oh my god you absolutely have to watch this man! It's a classic! A 10/10! GRADE A CLASSIC! GIVE IT A WATCH COME ON IT'S GONNA BLOW YOUR FUCKING MIND!". Now granted that exact wording may turn them off from it if you keep pestering them but imagine if after that? They decide to look up the reviews on Star Wars and they see that it is considered a classic and one of the greatest films ever made. While this doesn't happen for everyone? For some the hype gets to them. For some reason they picture the idea of seeing this as being something transcendent, magical and powerful enough to change their very lives. At some point they finally get a hold of the film or they ask to borrow it from you, the moment of truth has finally arrived and then...

Their reaction most likely ends up nowhere near as positive as one would expect/want. Sometimes it can result in them saying they thought the film was just okay, that they're indifferent to it or that it is good if not as good as the hype made it out to be. However, at other times people can end up having a far more negative reaction and say that they hate it or they just will say they don't like it. Sometimes it can be for another reason but in most cases? It's either the film just didn't work for them or the hype was so great that ultimately it crippled their enjoyment. The very thing they were trying to watch was so built up in their heads and by their friends that ultimately there was no way that the production was going to please them for the piece of media they built up in their heads will almost always be seen as better than what was presented. It's kind of why in this day and age I don't too much and often get sick of the "Here's how it should be/how I would've done it" posts because honestly while there is curiosity involved in wondering how people would've done it? For the most part it comes off as whining to me. I recently reread my Xenoverse 3 wishlist that I did after I had just barely stopped playing the game and that's all that came to my head. I sounded like a whiny little bitch who expected a gaming company to cater to me and every bit of my desires, not a disappointed gamer who was simply expressing how things could've been improved, not someone who was understanding but just a dick who had to crap on the parade. Now it should be obvious that I don't mean every single person who is disappointed and has had different expectations sounds like a bitch when they express how they would've done it or they simply open up about how they were disappointed and that if you were someone who did express how they would've done something? I don't think you're any less of a person for doing so. However, I can't help but admit it does annoy me in a way because it goes along with what I can't stand about modern day fandom.

It feels like people have become spoiled and thus they feel every company needs to cater to every one of their needs in the exact way they requested it. If not? That person is unworthy, they'll go apeshit and eventually it will get to the point where no matter how well the job is done? That person is just going to be doomed to hate everything. To give an example I once used in a discussion on TFW2005 in response to someone who was grumbling about the scale of a third party Omega Supreme, it's like getting a nice big cake for your birthday party and overall it looks good. The icing was applied well, it's the flavor you wanted and it's just the right amount of fluffiness. However, you then notice that it doesn't have sprinkles or that if it does, it's not the certain color you wanted. Then you end up ragging on how you wish it was filled with this certain cream, that it was just a bit smaller or that it's a certain type of that flavor that you don't care for. The complaints just keep coming and coming until eventually you find yourself staring at that cake with nothing but contempt and while you can say that Baskin-Robbins or your mom screwed you over in some ways? In some cases, you really only have no one but yourself to blame for deciding to nitpick every single detail to the point where you end up making yourself hate it. Of course you can blame the people who made it but really think about it, they're not the kind of team that is making something that is purely for you. Really no company is since as it has been shown many times, you risk crippling your sales a hell of a lot when you cater your work to only one person who you're not even sure is going to like what you put out and you wish that instead they'd just try to enjoy something for what it is instead of what their brain wanted it to be.

And really, that's the worst part about overhyping something. It ultimately can make it to where it's nearly impossible to just enjoy something for what it is because you're so focused on what it could've been and/or what you wanted it to be which in my opinion is not only ridiculous but completely unfair to the people who made the product. With that said, if you genuinely don't like something then please by all means do NOT try to force yourself to like it. At most for stuff you've overhyped and can look at from a more balanced perspective I'd recommend giving it another go with the hype goggles taken off but if you genuinely do not like it then, know that it's perfectly okay. This post is also not meant to shame people who are fans and feel disappointment with something since that will happen. Hell, as a fan of many franchises myself the same has happened to me with things like Batman v. Superman, the first two arcs of Dragon Ball Super and more. I mean opinions are subjective and we naturally are all gonna have different tastes and perspectives on a variety of topics, one person's trash could be another person's treasure and our tastes are ultimately going to influence what we find good. With that said however, if the main reason for someone not liking something is that it "didn't live up to the hype" or that it "didn't follow what they were wanting"? I can't help but admit that even as someone who likes to think they're not so judgmental that it's frustrating to see because I can't help but feel that's more their fault and not the fault of the media in question. To use some examples, it's not The Force Awakens' fault that it wasn't a transcendent experience that some overhyping fans didn't like it, it's their fault for deciding that for some reason a film has to basically be perfect in order to be considered good in a franchise that never was. It's not The Last Jedi's fault that some overhyped fans once again thought it destroyed the franchise, ultimately they're at fault for deciding it had to follow every fan theory and finally, it's not FighterZ's fault that it isn't as deep as a Street Fighter III or that it didn't live up to your inhuman expectations, it's the first game of a series that was made with a goal in mind that didn't line up with every bit of your desires and really claiming certain things about its design such as how it's apparently a button masher without really getting an extensive look at the game doesn't help. Judge something for what it is, not what it isn't. Take people to task on things that are genuinely wrong with the productions and encourage improvement and always go in with a moderated level of excitement because honestly I think at a certain point as we keep focusing on this overall nothing is going to be enjoyable for us anymore.

This is probably going to get me hate but I don't really care.

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